Charlie Wilson 

  • Charlie Wilson, Senior Vice President of Operations.  Mr. Wilson has served as Director of Operations of BRS since January 2004 and served as Director of Quality Improvement and Regulatory Compliance from 2000 to 2004. 
  • From 1999 to 2000 he worked for C.C. Young, a retirement community, as Administrator. 
  • From 1996 to 1999 he served as Healthcare Administrator for Trinity Terrace retirement community. 
  • Mr. Wilson currently serves as the President of the Texas Society for the Advancement of Gerontological Environments (SAGE) chapter and serves on the board of the national SAGE Federation as Treasurer.  He also currently serves on the Texas Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (TAHSA) Culture Change committee.  With TAHSA Mr. Wilson has served on numerous committees including CQI, Public Policy, and Managed Care committees.  He has also served on the Professional Advisory committee for the Visiting Nurses Association and the Texas Wellspring Steering committee.  Mr. Wilson received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Southwestern Adventist University in 1992 and his Master in Business Administration in May 2007 from Southwestern Adventist University.
  • Southwestern Adventist University’s MBA program gave me the opportunity to develop a significantly broader understanding of business.  Attending classes while working full time provided a great opportunity to apply my learning directly to what I love doing.  Every class related to aspects of our business and Buckner Retirement Services has benefited from everything I learned.  The final classes had projects incorporating elements of all the prior classes and these projects provided a path that has fundamentally shifted how we are doing business.
  • I highly recommend the MBA program at Southwestern Adventist University to anyone wishing to become a great business leader in their field of work.  The experience is unmatched because of the strong faculty and the interest they have in each student.

Suelen Leão 

  • One of our MBA May graduate, Suelen Leão, got two managerial job offers before her May graduation this year.  One is the business analyst position at DFW Airport and the other one is service coordinator position at RIM – Research in Motion, the creator of Blackberry.  She said that she is very satisfied with her current position at Blackberry Company and would like to introduce some job positions to you.
  • She said that RIM is a growing business and also one of the few companies is still hiring people during this economic downturn.

 Peter Taylor 

  • Peter now lives in New Jersey and works for the U.S. Government.  He is in training to become a Contract Specialist.  He is very happy with the position that he has, his salary as well as excellent benefits.  

Chris Sauder

  • Chris is an accounting graduate and earned his CPA.  He now works for Catholic Healthcare West as a Senior Reimbursement Analyst.  

Matt Mitchell

  • Matt manages four medical facilities in Killeen, Texas.  He is in charge of setting the direction of the largest clinic in Killeen.  He also  handles all the billing, credentialing, hiring, firing, recruiting, and physician/insurance contracting.  Matt said that he does everything from planning strategies, goals, and desired outcomes to implementing and overseeing the plans to fruition.  Matt’s company is currently planning to expand its biggest clinic to handle a MRI Imaging Center which will have state of the art equipment.
  • Matt said, “I like the job very much and I was considered for the job because of my M.B.A.”