Business Core Courses

Business Core Courses

Required of all BBA students.

ACCT 211 Accounting Principles I 3
ACCT 212 Accounting Principles, II 3
BUAD 203 Research in Business 1
BUAD 211 Profiles of Entrepreneurship 3
BUAD 270 Management Information Systems 3
BUAD 301 Principles of Management 3
BUAD 311 Business Law 3
BUAD 321 Business Finance 3
BUAD 460 Ethics and Business Social Responsibility 3
BUAD 466 Production and Operations Management 3
BUAD 472 Business Policies and Strategies 3
BUAD Portfolio 0
ECON 211 Macroeconomics 3
ECON 212 Microeconomics 3
MKTG 343 Principles of Marketing 3
Total : 40

Cognate Requirement

MATH 241* Intro. to Probability and Statistics 3
Total: 3

*MATH 110 is a prerequisite for MATH 241.


Each student will develop a portfolio of the work that they have done. The portfolio needs to include examples of the student’s work, covering the following areas: writing skills, group projects, quantitative analysis, problem solving, and community projects and or service.

The portfolio is to be turned in to the Business Administration chair two weeks before graduation.  Two professors will evaluate the portfolio. Portfolio fulfills the requirement for assessment of information, technology, writing, critical thinking and research as specified in Southwestern’s Quality Enhancement Plan.