BBA- Finance 

The broad discipline of finance affects the lives of organizations and individuals. Finance students analyze how various entities (individuals, businesses, and governments) raise money, select among investment alternatives and manage their resources. Whether Southwestern’s finance graduates select a career in banking, corporate lending, portfolio management, stock broking, securities analysis, risk management, foreign exchange trading, real estate or venture capital, they will bring a strong, ethical foundation to their work.

*Refer to:  Core Requirements Page to get more information about the basic classes.

BUAD 433 Investment Principles 3
BUAD 452 International Finance 3
BUAD 488 Advanced Finance 3
BUAD 493 Money and Banking 3
Electives 6
Total: 18

Electives to be selected from the following courses

ACCT 315 Intermediate Accounting I 4
ACCT 316 Intermediate Accounting II 4
ACCT 418 Federal Income Tax 4
BUAD 251 Project Management 3
BUAD 383 Finance Theory and Structure of Financial Markets 3
BUAD 422 Portfolio Management 3
BUAD 491 Selected Topics 3
BUAD 492 Business Internship 3