About Us

Pechero Hall opened in 2006, holds our business classes and where our business professors offices.

Pechero Hall opened in 2006 and houses the business classes and professors’ offices.

Why Study Business Administration at Southwestern?

Are you interested in a career in business? Southwestern offers a 5-year BBA/MBA program that will hone your skills and enrich your knowledge. Graduates of the BBA/MBA program are highly regarded and sought by national and international companies.




Our Mission:

The Department of Business Administration prepares students for Christian service and business leadership in the global economy. Our department is built on academic excellence, integrity, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We serve and value a diverse student body, equipping them with the intellectual fortitude to change the world.


Aims of the Department:

  1. Maintain a curriculum that provides students with the necessary knowledge for successful work experience in today’s business environment and graduate studies.
  2. Promote students’ awareness of free enterprise with an international orientation and a framework of moral and ethical guidelines.
  3. Enrich the learning-teaching experience by fostering access to and utilization of appropriate learning resources.
  4. Promote faculty and students’ involvement in community activities.



Shelby, Junior Business Marketing Major

“ I believe one of the advantages that the Southwestern business school has over a lot of the big time colleges is the personal relationship you create with the professors here. In the business world today it’s not always what you know but more often who you know, and this school gives you that advantage. Professors in bigger schools with over 100 students in a class aren’t going to remember names; the students are just a number.”